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San Andres Island

Discover the "Sea of Seven Colors"

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Here is where you come for a real getaway.

The dream that is San Andrés begins as you approach from the air. Set in a virtual coral forest, the surrounding ocean gives off an array of colors known as the “Sea of Seven Colors.”


Dive or snorkel in this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve teeming with hundreds of coral and fish species.

On land you will find all the comforts, ease, delectable cuisine and beverages of island life. Explore the island on your own with an ATV or just hang on the crystalline beach.


If you are in the mood to really unplug, hop on a plane for a 30-minute ride to the neighboring island of Providencia. Its jungle-lined coast looks much the same as it did when British pirate Henry Morgan used it as a base to raid the Spanish Main. Rumors persist that some of his treasures still lie buried on the island.

Trip Details
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When to Go

This trip can be booked year-round.

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Length of Stay

The length of this trip is six days.

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Fun Fact

This sixteenth century island was made famous as being a favorite of Captain Morgan. It's fabled he even buried treasure on the mainland!

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Created to be unique.

Day 1

Arrive at the El Dorado International Airport. Our guides will meet you and transport you to a hotel in Bogata, Colombia's capital city, where you'll recharge after your travel day. 

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