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Explore the capital city that's "2,600 metres closer to the stars"


Set amidst the towering, green Andes, Bogotá is one of the largest and oldest cities in the Americas where luxury hotels, world-class restaurants and pulsing nightlife intersect with some of the world’s most stunning natural wonders.


Ride or hike to the summit of Montserrate or Guadalupe and gaze two thousand feet down to this 500-year-old city of 8 million people. Upon your descent, hop on bikes and explore Bogotá by way of over 300 kilometers of dedicated bicycle paths, and if it is Sunday, you will find major thoroughfares completely closed to cars and open only to cyclists, runners and skaters.


Bogotá boasts all the majesty of a capital city with its national monuments, government buildings and the treasures of its indigenous and colonial past housed in several renowned museums (there is one dedicated just to gold, and another just to emeralds!). But it is also a city of neighborhoods — centuries-old to modern — where the convergence of cultures produce vivid street art and extraordinary cuisine…food so memorable we have made it possible for you to take cooking classes if you like.


Day excursions can take you for deeper dives into Colombia’s natural wonderland that includes spectacular birding expeditions, river rafting, hiking in national parks, and, from late July through September, even whale watching on Colombia’s Pacific coast.


We offer the following itinerary as a starting point for you to customize your own journey to Bogotá, truly a city without limits.

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Trip Details
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When to Go

This trip can be booked year-round.


Length of Stay

The length of this trip is one week.

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Fun Fact

Bogotá is one of the highest capital cities in the world, at 8,661 ft!


Created to be unique.

Day 1

We'll begin our Bogotá adventure with a trip to Monserrate, a sacred mountain towering above the city at 10,341 ft. Make the 1.5 mile pilgrimage by foot, gaining over 2,000 ft in altitude on the hike, or take a scenic tram or rail car up the side of the mountain. Once at the top, you'll have a chance to explore one of the most important religious sites in the country, recognized by both the ancient Muisca civilization and Catholics as a holy space. Enjoy lunch and weave through booths and markets featuring local artisanal crafts. 

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