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Let the "Jewel of Colombia" enchant you.

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For thousands of years, Cartagena has been a bustling and contested intersection of indigenous Americans, Africans and Europeans, the effects of which you will feel immediately in its architecture, food and people.


This UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Caribbean coast is thick with history. Explore its complex fortifications that warded off pirates and empires, and its meandering, cobblestoned streets and paths that lead to a multicultural treasure of shops and restaurants.


Offshore lies a collection of easily accessible islands rising out of the vivid blue-green sea where you can snorkel or just lie on a quiet beach.

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Trip Details
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When to Go

This trip can be booked year-round.

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Length of Stay

The length of this trip is five days.

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Fun Fact

Over $17 billion worth of treasure was discovered by divers on a 300-year-old sunken battleship off Cartagena's coast.

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Created to be unique.

Day 1

Stroll through the cobbled streets enjoying the sights and sounds of the old city. Enjoy a gastronomical experience at one of the amazing restaurants the city has to offer.

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